Q. It seems as though the proposal from Accent Closets is considerably less expensive than other

bids I’ve gotten, how is that possible?

A. A lot of folks have discovered this truth! Our overhead makes all the difference. Many

competitors have royalty or “franchise fees” up to 8% of everything they sell! They might also

have cooperative marketing programs that can be many thousands of dollars each month.

Remember, Celebrity spokespersons and lavish advertising campaigns eventually add to the cost

of every job they do.

• Q. Do you have a showroom we can visit?

A. No we don’t. We also don’t have the costs of retail space and full time counter staff (seven

days a week) added to every job we install. See FAQ above. We have professional designers

come to your home, we use the very latest computer generated 3D software to help you

design your own closet and according to your budget.

• Q. How thick are your materials, some shelves I’ve seen from others had to be flipped over to

keep from sagging?

A. We use a minimum of ¾” thick (19mm) components and some of our specialty garage and

office systems are over 1” thick! We also use 110 gram Thermal Fused Melamine Laminates!

Most others use 90gram and some “sales folks” don’t even know what their systems are

covered with- just ask them!

• Q. Do you have floor based or wall mounted systems?

A. We have BOTH! We are probably the only company locally that promotes both. Most have

one or the other and spend a great deal of time talking you out of which ever one they don’t

carry. The truth is, there are applications that favor one over the other and we will assist

you in choosing which type is best for your project.

• Q. What do we need to do to start the process?

A. Give us a call or use the convenient Contact Us button at the top of the page to schedule

your personal designer for a no cost, consultation right now!

• Q. How long does it take to have a closet installed?

A. Most jobs can be installed in one day, usually around 7-10 days after designs are completed.

Its very typical for others to take 4-6 weeks, no wonder we are so popular with builders and

remodelers- who wants to wait another month or more to truly complete their projects?

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