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Bring Clarity to the Madness.

Starting each day with chaos and clutter is no way to live! That's why when our designers meet with you; we do more than count how many shoes you have. We help you design your own space that will help you get ready for whatever routine and lifestyle you want. We take into consideration how tall you are, the time of day you might use your closet, if you travel frequently, even if you are right or left handed! We will be happy to explain why all these factors can influence a well thought out and functional dressing area. Our thorough analysis can make the difference between a truly custom closet that fits your busy schedule or a generic layout that simply warehouses your stuff. Your goals and budget are important to us too!

We will listen and design the space that fits you. That is also why it's important that we have you involved in the process. But don't worry, if you find something you want changed or tweaked, we will come out to make adjustments or improvements, one time within the first 30 days to make it perfect. To be honest, we rarely get taken up on our offer because of the thorough questionnaire we use in the design phase, but its still great piece of mind to know you won't have to settle for the same old, closet as someone else. Lighting systems, crown mould, granite island tops, real wood drawers and doors might not be for everyone, but we cover the gambit from entry level functional to the envy of your peers!

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